WuTang Clan Makes History In Nashville

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WuTang Clan is on tour celebrating the 25 year anniversary of 36 Chambers.  They came to Nashville last week and performed at the Ryman Auditorium.  If you’re not familiar with the Ryman, it’s an old tabernacle.   Built in 1892, the Ryman was often referred to a the “Mother Church of Country Music”.

With its wooden church pews and stained glassed windows, the Ryman historically hosted religious events and country music concerts.  It also hosted the Grand Ole Opry and memorial services for Johnny Cash and Chet Atkins.  In 2001 the Ryman was named a national historic landmark.

Over the years, the Ryman Auditorium  evolved into a music venue that hosted acts from all music genres.   Except hip hop.  The WuTang Clan is the first international hip hop act to ever perform at the Ryman.  Trust me when I say they didn’t disappoint.

The show was set to start at 7:30, but they didn’t hit the stage until about 9.  A few times during the evening the crowd grew restless and chanted “WuTang WuTang WuTang !” while the DJ was spinning.  I was pleasantly surprised with the energy in which they performed.

We were definitely taken back to 1994 as Method Man sprayed countless bottles of champagne into the crowd.  RZA conducted a holy communion of sorts as he walked across the stage pouring drinks for the audience from a huge bottle of Hennessy.  Every member of WuTang Clan was present, with the exception of ODB.  His oldest son performed in his place.

They performed all of their major hits, and each member performed a song or two from their solo projects.  These dudes were jumping around the stage like they were still in their 20’s.  Nobody sat down through the entire 17 song set list.  For a lack of a better phrase, they rocked it!

Due to my position in the auditorium I was unable to get any footage worth sharing.   But it’s probably for the best.  You would have had to be there to fully appreciate what happened that night.

If they are coming to your city, I strongly suggest you check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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