What Happened To Jay Electronica?

Jay Electronica’s widely acclaimed 2007 mixtape Act 1: Eternal Sunshine(The Pledge) was our introduction to the Louisiana MC.  He appeared to come out of nowhere receiving 50,000 downloads on his Myspace page within a month.

He continued to gain momentum with a 12 track EP titled Style Wars that was available for free download online.  Then he came with another mixtape, Attack Of The Clones.  Two of the most notable tracks from that project were Exhibit A and Exhibit C.   The industry took notice and he signed with Roc Nation in 2010.  He even had a song with Jay-Z titled Shiny Suit Theory. 

Since then, he’s done some features, and released a few singles here and there.  In 2013 he made the news regarding an alleged relationship with Rothschild heiress Kate Rothschild. But still no album.

Throughout the years he has kept fans on their toes by continuing to tour off his old material, promising new music in interviews, and even releasing a track list for Act II.  But right now that project seems more elusive than Dr. Dre’s Detox

To his credit, he popped up on Talk Kweli’s album Radio Silence on a song called All of us. He also dropped an exclusive single on Tidal called Letter To Falon which he produced himself.  But it’s 2019 and we still don’t have an album or even a release date.   Fans are growing impatient, and in August 2018 he responded to fans on Twitter stating new music was coming soon.

Since then he allegedly deleted his social media accounts after speaking on allegations made by Eminem regarding Tupac’s murder. I checked his Twitter account myself.  While it appears to be active, there are no recent tweets or tweet history available.  I have to admit Jay Electronica is in a class of his own.  With so much disposable music being released daily, hip hop fans have become quite fickle.

Maybe we’ve always been fickle.  The difference now is there’s so much to choose from. People tend to lose interest after a while.  In a time where artists feel the pressure from themselves and their labels to “stay hot” and “keep the momentum”, Jay Electronic appears to be comfortable with doing things in his time and on his terms.

So maybe we should salute the man who refuses to become a slave to the industry.  Here’s an artist who rebuffs the industry’s efforts to dictate his creativity.  You gotta respect him for that.  He knows who he is and what he brings to the table.  He doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks or follow trends.  He’s a real MC, and his skills can stand the test of time.  The question is how much longer are fans willing to wait?  

In case you need to be reminded how dope he is check out Exhibit A and Exhibit C.

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