Throwback Thursday-Whut? Thee Album

Redman is still one of my favorite MCs. His debut project Whut? Thee Album was released in 1992. The album peaked at forty-nine on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold.

Whut? Thee Album earned him the title of Rap Artist of The Year by the Source. The album featured production from mentor and fellow Hit Squad member Erick Sermon, Pete Rock and Redman himself.

In addition to being named Rap Artist of the year, The Source also gave Redman 4 1/2 mics for Whut? Thee album. Legend has it that Redman was frustrated while recording this album.

He relied heavily on his mentor Erick Sermon, but he was left alone to write and record. He once stated “When I first started doing the album I was mad at Erick for leaving me in the studio. I was like what the fuck am I doing here?” I wonder if that’s where the album title comes from.

In any case, Whut? Thee Album has risen in stature since it’s release. It has been regarded as a hip hop classic from several writers and music critics. But I don’t care about the critics. The fans decide if the music is classic. And Whut? Thee album is definitely a classic.

Redman is beast on the mic. Lyrically he’s genius. And his knack for adding humor to his hardcore rhyme style made Whut? Thee album a great party record.

And he released 3 singles off this album. Not bad for a hardcore MC who doesn’t give a shit about crossing over.

Check out Tonight’s Da Night below

What was your favorite Redman Album?

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