Throwback Thursday- We Come Strapped

Underground Hip Hop MC Eiht We Come Strapped
MC Eiht

This week’s Throwback Thursday features ‘We Come Strapped‘ by MC Eiht and CMW .

We Come Strapped

It was summer 1994 and I was on my East Coast shit. With the exception of Dr. Dre West Coast hip hop got no play in my tape deck. Yeah I said it…. The ride had a tape deck. All of that changed for me on July 19.

As I write this blog I keep accidentally putting a “G” in Eiht. It’s really hard for me to misspell something on purpose. I keep thinking about DJ Quick’s song Dollars and Sense.

In a classic diss, he said “E.I.H.T now shall continue? Yeah you left out the “G” cause the “G” aint in you”. He killed Eight with that one! But I digress… I still like Eiht. And apparently so did a lot of other people.

I felt like a G listening to this album

We Come Strapped was a dope album. It practically made my summer. The album peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 and at number 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart in the United States, and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on September 29, 1994. It has been MC Eiht’s most successful album to date.

But don’t take my word. Listen for yourself:

There were two singles off the album: All For The Money, and Niggas Make The Hood Go Round. But my favorite track was Nothing But The Gangster featuring Spice One and Redman. Redman has always been one of my favorite artists, and his verse did not disappoint. Check it out:

Check it out Oh my God!

I destroy cities like the Blob

Droppin trunks of funk and I blast a punk from here to Cape Cod

F*ck a job, my organization runs like the mob

The original Joe Pex Flex, Redman bitch you better ask somebod

Prepare to slam from here to Japan with jams

I’m from the Jersey section and I keep it real for ninety-four and

Our Kmart y’all swap meets , Ya’ll dub sacks our dime sacks

But I pack a nine gat and the cops, still don’t know where mines at black,

huh!! I snatch the Beauty from the Beast

It’s that funk deceased nigga comin through bitch so grab your hairpiece

I got the gangsta in me plus I’m not friendly

to a bitch-ass whose mouth runs more laps than the Indy

Now let me spice the track up, MC Eiht pass the bone so I can get lifted

And heads can get blown when Bronx pass the biscuit

I drop the funk and drop a body to show I’m serious

The gangsta means I’m live, reppin from New Jersey, period!!

Eiht’s decision to feature Redman was brilliant. And the production on this album was a huge departure from ‘Music To Drive By’. But that’s what made it so dope.

My summer 94 was lit because of this album. Check out the video:

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