Throwback Thursday: Stop The Violence Movement

Self Destruction was more than just a song.  It was a movement.  This song had a message that is sadly still relevant today.  Self-Destruction is dear to my heart because it was written during a time when Hip Hop was becoming commercial and artists were starting to make real money.

These artists addressed a term that I now hate– “black on black crime” before people outside of the culture gave it a thought.  They were from our generation warning us that we were killing ourselves, and urging us to think about the direction our culture was headed.   It was so impactful that my white history teacher actually played the record in class.

He surprised all of us with his familiarity of many of the artists in the video.  He especially liked Miss Melody’s fur coat and matching hat. But that’s another conversation.

You’ll see MC Lyte, Heavy D, D-Nice, KRS-1, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, Public Enemy and few others all united for one purpose.  They gave voice to the voiceless.  This is the true spirit of hip hop.  The premise of the entire song was self-respect and self-policing.  As Chuck D said “because we got to keep ourselves in check, or else its..”    Check it out

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