Throwback Thursday-Quik Is The Name

Throwback Thursday Quik Is The Name

‘Quik Is The Name’ (1991) was DJ Quik’s first studio release. But it wasn’t his first project. People outside of LA didn’t know he was, but his homemade mixtapes were circulating in the 80’s, most notably ‘The Red Tape’ (1987).

He also made a name for himself by DJ’ing local parties where those mixtapes were often distributed. Quik wasn’t shy about revealing his affiliation with Treetop Piru in his music. They became a household name after ‘Quik Is The Name’ was released.

Quik Is The Name

The album peaked at number 10 on the charts and was certified platinum. Singles like Born And Raised In Compton and Tonight were major hits at that time. Tonight commemorates the summer after my senior year in high school. I remember hearing this song on the radio and at every club I went to. And it was a dope party song:


And now I’m out of the tub, I’m feelin’ fancy free
Spray on some Xeryus and put on my Givenchy

Sweatsuit, the gray one with the burgundy trim
And it’s a medium, fit me proper ’cause I’m nice and slim
Five thirty on the clock and the sun is steadily sinkin’
And I am steadily thinkin’ about the eight that I’ll be drinkin’
You know I ain’t ashamed and you know I ain’t bashful
So go on and pop the forty so I can pour me a glassful
Hamm is in the bedroom rollin’ up a stencil
Fatter than a pinky and the length of a pencil
Freaky lit it up and hit it one, two, three
Shabby took a hit and then they pass it to me
(It’s the bomb!)
Yo, I can feel my senses (Gettin’ numb!)
Yo, fuck the forty ounce (I need some rum!)
I’m chillin’ like a villain (Here I come!)
And that’s how I’m livin

Dj Quik couldn’t repeat the commercial success of ‘Quik Is The Name’, but his subsequent albums were still well received. This guy is also a great producer. He’s probably one of the most underrated of his era, but don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

Here’s the Tonight video:

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