Throwback Thursday- Foxy Brown

Since my last post was about female Hip Hop lovers, I thought it would be fitting to do a Throwback Thursday on a female MC. Foxy Brown was one of the most popular female rappers of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She and Lil’ Kim dominated the scene at that time. The Brooklyn MC’s debut album Ill Na Na was released in the fall of 1996 and has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Her second release Chyna Doll was a huge success with her chart topping single Hot Spot. But her commercial success was short lived. Shortly afterwards she fell out with Lil’ Kim, and parted ways with Jay-z. But she made a strong comeback in the summer of 2001.

Her third project Broken Silence wasn’t as commercially successful, but is probably her most critically acclaimed work. Foxy Brown flexed her lyrical prowess with songs like BK Anthem, Fallen, and Hood Scriptures. She struggled to stay relevant in the mid 2000’s and only released one other project.

With no radio play or hit singles, Foxy Brown eventually fell off the radar. But her talent and impact on hip hop can’t be denied. She proved to the world that she could write and spit just like the guys. And while other females catered to the pop audience to stay on top, Foxy Brown became more hardcore.

On her song Fallen she proclaimed “Even if I go wood I’mma keep it so hood”. You can’t be mad at that. In my opinion, she is probably one of the most underrated female artists of my generation.

Check out the flow on this song.

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