Throwback Thursday- Dana Dane With Fame

Dana Dane With Fame
Dana Dane

Dana Dane

In case you don’t remember, Dana Dane was part of the Kangol crew with fellow rapper Slick Rick. However, unlike Slick Rick his English accent was fake. His solo debut ‘Dana Dane With Fame’ peaked at number 46 on the Billboard album chart and was certified gold.

I can’t lie, I played the shit out of this album. Besides KRS-1, Dana Dane was the only rapper my mother would actually tolerate in the ride. I would pop it in the tape deck, and surprisingly she would let it play. I think she low key liked Dana Dane and KRS-1.

‘Dana Dane With Fame’ was produced by Hurby Luv Bug and had four charting singles. Nightmares, Cinderfella Dana Dane, Delancey Street, and This Be The Def Beat made it to #21,#11,#44, and #30 on the Hot R&B/hip hop singles, respectively.

Why This Album?

The album was lighthearted and displayed Dana Dane’s sense of humor and love of fashion. If I had to compare this album , I would say it’s similar to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s ‘He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper’. Both projects were rated PG, which wasn’t really unusual for that time.

This album deserves a shout out because it’s a feel good album. It reminds me of a much simpler time. A time when I had no responsibility, and I could share my love of hip hop with my mother.

By this time she had already confiscated 2 of my albums because of the profanity. I had to wait until I got my allowance to re-up. Then I had to play the shit low so she wouldn’t hear it if she walked past my room.

So I cherished the few times I was able to share something I thought was dope with her. Family friendly hip hop. Sounds weird, right?

Oh, and shout out to my father who bought the bootleg Willie D ‘Controversy’ album from the flea market and said Bald Headed Hoes and Welfare Bitches were his favorites. It’s all about balance.

Check out This Be The Def Beat below. Can you guess the sample?

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