Throwback Thursday: Common


Though Common released his first album Can I Borrow A Dollar in 1992, his breakthrough didn’t come until 1994 with his sophomore release Resurrection.  With production from then obscure producer No I.D, this is the album that undoubtedly put Common on the map.  One track titled I Used To Love H.E.R got everyone’s attention.  For one, the bass line was sick, so it appealed to wide range of listeners.  Then if that wasn’t enough, he cleverly used an extended metaphor; giving hip hop a gender, and calling it “her”.   If you weren’t an avid listener of hip hop, or familiar with the techniques of poetry the metaphor might go right over your head, and you would think he was talking about a woman.  He describes “her” in the beginning and chronicles “her” evolution as he laments about “her” current state and where he believes she is headed.  This was and still is a classic.  And if you’re watching this video on a laptop, it will do no justice to the bass line.  Trust me !


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