Throwback Thursday- 3 Things You May Have Forgotten About ‘Blackout!’

3 Things You May Have Forgotten About 'Blackout!'
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September 28th marked the 20 year anniversarry of the ‘Blackout!’ album. The album debuted at # 3 on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 254,000 copies. Three months after it’s release ‘Blackout!’ was certified platinum. No surprises there, the album was a banger. But here are 3 things you may have forgotten about ‘Blackout!’.

Original Album Title Was Americaz Most Blunted

Considering how much weed the duo smoked, the title made perfect sense. I heard they promoted the album for months under that name. But ultimately they decided on a more commercially acceptable title. But lets be real. In 1999, who was more blunted than Redman and Method Man? Maybe Snoop?

The Marketing Campaign Began Long Before The Album Was Recorded

Redman and Method Man had already established a tight bond before teaming up for Blackout. They were label mates at Def Jam, and both released solo albums in 1994. To create buzz for the projects, the label released the Month of the Man promotional cassette, which featured various tracks from each artist. The pair toured and made appearances together, and eventually began contributing to each other’s albums. Their best-known collaboration was, at the time, “How High,” featured on the soundtrack to the hip-hop documentary The Show (1995). Their bond grew even stronger during Def Jam’s Hard Knock Life Tour. They hit the road with Jayz, DMX, and Ja Rule and performed together every night. Many fans regarded their performace as one of the best live shows on the tour. I saw the show in Saint Louis, and I have to agree. The duo’s energy was unmatched. I can still remember them swinging from the ceiling and dropping down into the crowd. I think I even shook hands with Redman. It was epic. This created the perfect atmosphere for a collaboration album. Smart move Def Jam.

Redman Handled Some Of The Production

Though most fans tend to only think of Redman as an MC, he has a few production credits under his belt. In fact, he produced most of his second album ‘Dare Iz A Darkside’. For the ‘Blackout!’ album, he is credited as producer and executive producer. The ?, Checka, Big Dogs, Where We At(interlude), and A Special Joint(intro) were all produced by Redman. But Redman was musically inclined before he started rapping. In an interview with Hiphopdx, he said he played the drums in church as a teenager “I was playin’ drums in the church with my moms at 15. She made me play drums with a church choir.” He was also a DJ. Coming into the game behind the turntables with Lord of the Underground’s DoItAll, Redman already was very familiar with Hip Hop records. “I was still a deejay. When I started poppin’ off with EPMD… yo, my sisters will tell you, when I first heard [EPMD], I was like, ‘Yo, I’ma do this shit!’ They stood out. They had the slow-flow, [the music was based in] Funk; I love Funk . Considering his background, it should be no surprise that Redman is also a producer.

Despite the 3 things you may have forgotten about ‘Blackout!’, this album was one of the most memorable of 1999. And so was this video:

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