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Turntable Saturday Sample Sessions

Why Saturday Sample Sessions?

If you’re a Hip Hop head like me you understand the importance of good production. We listen to a lot of music, but how often do we think about where the samples come from? Music is the soundtrack of our lives. But oftentimes our knowledge doesn’t extend beyond Hip Hop and R&B. This is why “Saturday Sample Sessions” are important to me.

Hip Hop was born from our ability to make something from nothing. Many of the pioneers didn’t own or play instruments. They started with two turntables and a mic. Without any formal music training they taught themselves how to create some of the classic beats we still listen to today. And they proved that you don’t have to play an instrument or read music to create a classic.

DJ Premier Saturday Sample Sessions
DJ Premier

We Started From Nothing

We took music that already existed to create our own. Many of the first DJs used soul samples from artists like James Brown. As the genre progressed producers like CL Smooth and DJ Premier dug even deeper in the crates. Samples from artists like Tom Scott, the California Dreamers and Vic Juris became more common.

These DJ’s looked outside of R&B and Soul genres to create hip hop classics. For our Saturday Sample Sessions we’ll take a look at a hip hop record and identify the original work used to create the sample.

This week we’re going to look at the Geto Boys and their song Gangster of Love from their 1989 Album ‘Grip it! On That Other Level’. The song uses a sample from The Joker by Steve Miller band’s album with that same name.

There wasn’t a lot of creativity involved in producing the track for Gangster of Love. Musically both songs are strikingly similar. Lyrically they’re complete opposites. But it’s the lyrics that make the sample choice so interesting.

I personally like The Joker. If it weren’t for the Geto Boys I may have never discovered the Steve Miller Band. They actually have a few songs that I like. So we should keep an open mind and be willing to explore music outside of our genre. You never know what you’ll find!

Check it out below. Comment with your thoughts and recommendations for next week’s Saturday Sample Session!

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