Saturday Sample Session- Rapsody

Rapsody has been the subject of much conversation lately. And rightfully so. She has one of the best albums of 2019. And in just a few short months Rapsody no longer belongs in the “underrated” category.

She’s not an overnight success though. Rapsody has been doing her thing for at least a decade. I’m familiar with her entire catalogue and I’ve listened to her for a few years now. Which is why I don’t understand why I didn’t catch this sample.

Her song Serena, from the ‘Eve Album uses a sample from one of Luke’s most popular songs. In 1992 he released his first solo album ‘I Got Shit On My Mind’. That album spawned the infamous I Wanna Rock single.

“I Never Even Put The Two Together”

There was a lot going on in hip hop in 1992. One of the things I can remember during that time was the explosion of southern party music. And Luke and 2 Live Crew became somewhat of a mascot for fast bass- heavy rap.

It was the kind of music that made everyone want to dance. And some females would get all the way loose when I Wanna Rock came on. When Luke said “Pop that pussy baby pop that pussy baby” that’s exactly what they did.

Females were twerking in Luke videos before “twerking” was a thing. That’s just how they danced. And we didn’t need to give it a name.

So when I listen to Serena, which I can spit word for word I never even put the two together. Even though the music right before the hook says “don’t stop get it get it” which is a classic Luke phrase, it still didn’t click in my mind.

Perhaps it was because it didn’t sound like Luke saying it. But we all know producers can do anything if they have the technology to support their vision. I’m ashamed to admit catching this Luke sample was an aha moment for me.

But it was, so I gotta keep it real. Serena was produced by Eric G. Check it out below .

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