Saturday Sample Session- Hip Hop Vs Rock

Saturday Sample Session

It’s ironic that hip hop and rock often appear on opposite ends of the music spectrum when the two genres have so much in common. Both genres boldly flip middle fingers to the establishment, thrive in chaos and balk at conformity.

The free spirited and sometimes rebellious nature of the genres should make them fast friends. But their differences separate them. Rockers are generally respected as musicians. MCs not so much.

Hip Hop Vs Rock

Rock musicians of my era didn’t listen to rap. Rappers and hip hop heads don’t really listen to rock. Though I suspect we have a few closeted metal heads in our community. This is why production in hip hop is so important.

The artists that actually make the beats are well versed in music of all genres. And even though the industry doesn’t respect them as musicians, hip hop producers are some of the greatest musicians on the planet.

Here’s why. They may not play an instrument, but they can listen to an entire song, take one tiny element of that song, and re-purpose to create something completely different.

Or they can take element from a few different songs and piece them together seamlessly to create something brand new. Respect it or not, that requires talent.

You’re A Customer

You’re A Customer is a prime example of the latter. This song contained snippets of Steve Miller Band’s Fly Like An Eagle, Kool And The Gangs Jungle Boogie and the bass line and drum beat of ZZ Top’s Cheap Sunglasses. I decided to focus on the least obvious sample which is why I chose ZZ Top.

Who would ever expect an album cover with two bearded white guys to possess a gem that EPMD would want to use on a song? That’s the beauty of hip hop. Expect the unexpected. That’s how you keep this shit going.

If you’re a fan of my blog, you’re probably already familiar with EPMD. But peep the ZZ Top video and tell me if you can hear the part EPMD sampled. And check out the sample session from last week if you haven’t already. Let’s grow together.

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