Reason And Ab-Soul Put On For Carson with Flick It Up

Ab-Soul & Reason

I patiently waited for Flick It Up to drop. Reason shared a clip on IG a couple weeks ago and urged fans to stay tuned. In the snippet you could see a blurred image of who appeared to be Ab-Soul.

The suggestion that Soulo could possibly be a feature on the song had his followers in a frenzy. Almost every comment mentioned how dope it would be if he made an appearance.

So last week he dropped the single and as we all hoped Ab-Soul had a verse. Reason is nice, but including Ab-Soul took this track to another level. It also provided a sense of relief that Reason brought Soulo out from under the rock he’s been hiding.

The visual dropped yesterday and the whole hood came out. Flick It Up was shot in a strip mall in Carson in front of Del Liquor. The Carson MCs look like they’re having a ball. Check it out:

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