Rapper’s Delight Turns 40 This Year

Media Credit: Derek Long|Staff Photographer|The GW Hatchet

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Rapper’s Delight, a pop-up hip hop museum has opened in Washington, DC.  The museum opened on January 18 at Blind Whino in Southwest DC.  The opening featured a concert including hip hop legends Grand Master Caz and members of the Sugarhill Gang and will remain open through February 18.

The museum contains a collection of hip hop memorabilia owned by Jeremy Beaver.  It all started when he purchased a $12 doll of Biggie Smalls that he later found out was worth $1000.  His first two purchases eventually grew into a collection of more than 1000 pieces of clothing, accessories, cassette tapes, and other items. 

It’s been reported that approximately half of those items are on display in the museum along with some donated pieces.  Some of the notable items include a replica of the infamous Death Row Records electric chair, Eazy E’s Raider’s jersey, a microphone autographed by Ice Cube, and the boxing glove from LL Cool J’s Mamma Said Knock You Out.  If you’re in the DC area it’s definitely worth checking out.  In the meantime, peep the District Spotlight interview:

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