Porch Talk With David Banner

Porch Talk With David Banner
Banner donated a recording studio to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Mississippi in 2015.

David Banner is one of the few known MCs who have dedicated himself to educating and uplifting the black community. But unlike many of his predecessors his level of consciousness makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Banner speaks the truth but its not pretty. Some may describe his views as controversial or divisive. But those of us who’s eyes have finally opened to the reality of black life in America applaud his bravery and passion. The Mississippi MC has become an activist in his own right.

He’s not interested in “getting along with white people” at the expense of his own. Banner openly challenges the current political system, racism and classism , and the true intentions of some of our favorite black leaders. Yet he still manages to entertain.

And while a huge segment of Black America is still focused on assimilation and obtaining the so called American dream, many of us have taken heed to his message and are preparing for revolution. Which side are you on?

Check out his thoughts on the current state of black America below:

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You can also purchase music and merchandise here. Let’s celebrate his evolution and support this King as he puts on for his nation.

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