Ooh Klayfaze

If you are looking for music to ride to, you need to check out this artist. Ooh Klayfaze was born in Inglewood, CA and lives in Saint Louis, Mo. His music could be categorized as reality rap.

His West Coast sensibility combined with Mid West flavor gives his music a unique sound. Sonically it’s probably not like anything you’ve ever heard. He doesn’t follow trends, and he doesn’t have a formula for creating music.

In fact, I asked him if the beat or rhyme comes first, and his answer was “It depends”. If he has something on his mind, he’ll write it down. If he hears a track that moves him, he’ll allow the track to dictate the flow and subject matter.

Sometimes he’ll showcase his lyrical agility. Other times, his flow is conversational. But it’s always entertaining. You’ll need to listen to more than one song to make an accurate assessment.

Ooh Klayfaze makes what I like to call “grown folk” music. But he’s an MC. So if you’re looking for radio friendly, mumble rapping, pill popping materialism, this aint your guy.

He just released a new EP called Ambrosia

Check it out. You can also find his music on iTunes

If you want to know a little more about him, watch this interview I did in 2016.

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