NPR Tiny Desk Concert – Rakim

I have a few shows on my Radar this summer including Wu-Tang Clan and Rakim. So I was scrolling through my Youtube feed and came across a Tiny Desk Concert from last year featuring Rakim. If you’re not familiar with the Tiny Desk Concert Series, you need to check it out ASAP.

They typically get artists to perform to a small intimate crowd accompanied by a live band. I’ve seen some of my favorite artists perform there. But there’s something special about watching an MC perform with a live band.

Rakim’s performance was no exception. Listening to the live instrumentation of Paid in Full was the dopest thing that’s happened to me all week. Except for Ari Lennox releasing her new album. But I digress. I’ll save that for another blog post. Check out Rakim on NPR. When you’re done with that, read what he said about his life in hip hop and his relationship with Eric B. You’re welcome.

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