Nipsey Hussle


I still have no words for the senseless and tragic death of this young King.  He was an artist, but he was also the blueprint for young people in the community aspiring for financial independence.  Nipsey Hussle repped his hood, but he also put money back into the hood.  He didn’t make money and abandon the hood like a lot of upwardly mobile blacks have done( and continue to do).  Nipsey was a visible presence in the community.   He loved his people and his business endeavors were all focused on helping to improve the lives of others.

His store employed members of the community and he planned on building residential units near the plaza where his store was located.  Nipsey and his business partner also worked on introducing young black and brown people to technology, and bridging the gap between the kids in his community and the tech entrepreneurs and CEOs in Silicon Valley.  He had a vision that went far beyond the music.  This guy cared about the success of the people in his community.  He wasn’t just a rapper.   

Check out this article to learn more about Nipsey’s business ventures

This was probably my favorite song off the Victory Lap album.  Rest In Power King Hussle.

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