Krush Groove

This movie is probably one of the most influential of it’s era. Us old heads like to call it the “golden era” of hip hop. The art form was still new, and the artists were unique and full of promise. Everyone in the game was hungry and they worked hard to hone in on their craft. Lyrics were the main focus, but MCs worked constantly at perfecting their delivery and rocking live shows.

This was a time when theDJ was just as important as the rapper. We’re starting to get back to that, but back then the DJ was everything. Krush Groove came out in 1985 and it featured Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Sheila E, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, New Edition, and The Fat Boys. Blair Underwood played Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin played himself. Russell Simmons had a small role as a club owner.

It’s semi-biographical in the sense that it’s loosely based on the inception of Def Jam récords and chronicles the hardships that Russell and his artists faced in the beginning. In real life Rick Rubin started Def Jam in his college dorm at NYU. He teamed up with Russell Simmons some time later. He also didn’t produce Run DMC’s first two albums as the movie implied.

Despite the differences this movie is an entertaining look at the New York hip hop scene during that time. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of hip hop should see this movie. If you’re old enough to remember when it came out, take a trip down memory lane. This movie will make anyone who’s disillusioned with the state of hip hop fall back in love. Check out the movie below, and subscribe to this man’s channel.

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