Kid Vishis- “Snitch”

KId Vishis "Snitch"

It’s Finally Here

If you follow Kid Vishis on Twitter, then you know he’s been keeping the Aliengang updated on his moves. He’s been talking about Snitch for a few days, and it’s finally out!

I’m not going to speculate on who he’s referring to in the song. Draw your own conclusions. But I will say the message is sadly relevant today. The lyrics on this song speak directly to the mindset of a lot of people who try to live a lifestyle they’re not built for.

Turning in a pedophile who’s victimizing kids in your neighborhood is honorable. Willingly participating in illegal activity and turning snitch when you get caught is not. Vish sums it up perfectly in his first verse:


I wanna be a gangster  Wanna be a thug
Wanna be more than a wanna be I wanna sell drugs
I don’t wanna go to school I’m not that sucka
I’m talking bout dealing Fuckin with millions I’m Black Youngsta
We can rob the plug split the bag 50/50
Show the money on gram viral vid of the century
Fuck a cop I get locked pay a lawyer he with me
Blow up on my first day out I’m T Grizzly
They quick to steal, the quick to kill
They also quick to switch when shit get real
Everybody wanna be the thug of the fort
Till they get caught up
Then they gotta testify in court
Now they singing
It was him and him him and him and him …..

Sounds familiar right? They telling on everybody! Moral of the story? Thug life is not for everyone, and not something you should aspire to. Just be you, bruh.

It’s available on all digital platforms including Apple Music, so check it out. Lets Show Vish some love. Aliengang where ya’ll at???

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