Is KRS-One Working On A New Album?


This is probably old news to some of you, but I stumbled across some video footage of KRS-One in the studio. There are about 4 videos, each reportedly uploaded on different days. All of this makes me wonder if KRS-One is working on a new album.

I don’t want to make any assumptions, so I’ll let you watch the videos and draw your own conclusions.

Studio Day One

Studio Day 2

Studio Day 4

I’m sure you noticed Day 3 is missing. KRS-One didn’t upload it. Perhaps there’s a reason. While you’re waiting to see his next move, check out the piece I wrote about my favorite album of his.

On another note, apparently Scott La Rock Jr is feeling some type of way about KRS-One. I’m not sure why, but you can check out his interview and see for yourself.

Do you think this beef is valid?

2 thoughts on “Is KRS-One Working On A New Album?

  1. You know how that goes. Everybody thinks you owe them something because of relationships. I guess he could have reached out to him but if he didn’t he should have just moved on. I wouldn’t have started a beef over it.

    1. Not to mention he was an infant when his father was killed. Any information he thinks he has is from other people. Scott La Rock was only involved in the first album and they wasn’t getting money like that back then.

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