Is 21 Savage a Political Prisoner?

Let me start with a confession:  I’ve never been a 21 Savage fan.  If you had asked me last week I wouldn’t have been able to name one song he’s written.  But after doing some research I know a little something about him. It’s been reported that he is a citizen of the UK who entered the United States legally in 2005 when he was a minor.  He also claims to be a member of the 2100 street gang in Atlanta where he resides.  He was allegedly kicked out of high school for pulling a gun out on a student.  He’s also been arrested on drug charges as an adult.  Add that to the fact that some of his music is violent in nature, and illustrates his obsession with guns.

On the flip side he launched a non-profit last year called “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign ” which partnered with the organization Get Schooled to teach children financial literacy.  And here recently he’s performed on a couple of late night talk shows and addressed the Flint Crisis and immigration in a song called A Lot.  Keep in mind his visa status has been pending for years.  So was his recent arrest already in the making or did he put himself on ICE’s radar for trying to do something positive for his people?  Check out these videos and let me know what you think.

21 Savage Performing A lot:


Justinblu_ Shares his take on the situation:

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