Indie Artist Corner Is Here!

If you’re an independent artist just starting out you’ve come to the right place. The Indie Artist Corner will be your source for tips and tools on marketing, promotion and everything in between.

I’ve studied music my entire life. I also have personal relationships with a few independent artists. So the information I share on this page will be based on my experience, observations and research. Best part- it’s totally free.

I created Rapmajor as a way to support the underground- particularly hip hop. I’ve done OK with my entertainment blogs, but the Independent Artist Corner will provide content that is informative and valuable. And even though hip hop is my main focus, the content will be relevant to any music genre.

Because of that, my posts may not be as frequent. But when a blog is published, you’ll know that I took the time to thoroughly research the topic before writing. I’m always brainstorming and thinking of “problems” that independent artists have so I can provide solutions.

But I could also use your help. Please comment with questions or challenges you have so that I can create content that will address those challenges and offer practical solutions.

So stay tuned, and as always keep it hip hop.

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