Iconic MC’s without Grammys

I know all of you are probably aware that Cardi B won a Grammy on Sunday for Best Album.  2018 has definitely been her year, and I have to admire her hustle.  Though I don’t consider myself a fan, I’m still happy for her.  On the flip side, there has been a lot of negativity and taunting directed at Nicki Minaj since she hasn’t won one yet.

I’m not a Minaj fan either.  She has a few joints that I’ll slap in the ride, but I’ve never purchased an album or concert tickets.  I’m just not that interested.  Now my little cousin is a die-hard Barb.  But that’s another conversation.

In any case, I find it interesting and disturbing that these two women are pitted against each other.  For some, Cardi’s success is enough to dethrone the self-proclaimed queen of rap.  But why?  Why does the industry dictate that only one female rapper can be the queen when there’s room for everyone?  I don’t agree with this logic and I find it absolutely ludicrous.

So in the spirit of keeping it fair,  here are 5 iconic MC’s who have never won a Grammy:


Tupac Shakur

Pac is hailed by many as the GOAT.  His mother and stepfather were both Black Panthers, so the revolution was in his DNA.  He had a major impact on the lives he touched during his short time on this planet.  He was the champion for the poor and disenfranchised and his music is timeless.  Though I have my favorites, (Me Against the World, Strictly 4 My Niggaz and Makeveli), all of his music is still relevant today.


Biggie Smalls 

Notorious B.I.G only released two albums before his murder, but he was hailed the king of New York.  He was credited with bringing back the East during an era when the West Coast was on fire.  Ready to Die was certified 2x platinum in 1995, and is now certified at 6x platinum.  Fans are still left wondering what could have been if his life wasn’t cut short.


Snoop Dogg

Does this really require an explanation?  His first Album Doggy Style sold almost 900,000 copies in its first week.  I remember vividly because I purchased the CD at 12 am Tuesday morning.  For anyone born after 1980, this was back when new releases came out on Tuesday.  His first album was so highly anticipated that record stores stayed open until 1am that night for fans like myself who couldn’t wait.  Shout out to Tower Records.  Since then, he has made a name for himself as one of the most respected and celebrated artists of our time.  He holds the most Grammy nominations( 17) without a win.  


J. Cole

In comparison to the other artists mentioned, Cole is still relatively new in the game, so he has time.  Not that winning a Grammy really means anything, but who’s to say he won’t take home the trophy one day?   I doubt that he cares, though.



Run DMC is the first rap group to ever get a commercial product endorsement (Adidas).  They were also the first rap group to get consistent radio spins.  Their collaboration with Aerosmith was a major hit and a crossover success.  They should get credit for single-handedly putting that rock group back on the radar.  They did get a nomination for Walk this Way but they didn’t take home the trophy.

Obviously winning a Grammy doesn’t really mean much in the world of hip hop.  We shouldn’t put too much stock in a Grammy win as it relates to MC’s.  The people who vote for the Grammys do not represent us or our culture.  Not to shade any artists who’ve won, I’m just saying… 

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