Hannibal Hannibal


The reason I started this blog was so I could help my fellow hip hop heads find music they may not hear otherwise.  So the other day my friend Marcel put me up on a friend of his who happens to be an MC.  He’s from Toledo Ohio and his name is Hannibal Hannibal.

There is something about an independent underground artist that appeals to me.  You can hear the hunger in their music.  The listener is allowed to grow and evolve with the artist while they still have the freedom to be their authentic selves.  You know, get to know them before the industry gets to ’em.  Me being from St. Louis, I’m always up for supporting an artist from the Midwest.  So that’s the cherry on top.

This particular song is dope.  The beat is nice, the hook is catchy and easy to remember.  He employs the melodic sing- songy style that’s popular today.  The difference though is he can actually spit.  On top of all that, the song has a deeper meaning than what the average listener will catch.

Dig deep when you listen.  And if you pay attention to the visual, it will come together for you.

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