Furious Freestyles: Black Thought

Black Thought, the infinite relaxed one. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you’re probably familiar with the lyrical prowess of The Roots crew front man. If not consider this your introduction.

This furious freestyle is around 2 years old now but it still slaps. I know people who just lost their entire sh&t when this came out (yes, me included). Nothing but 10 minutes of Tyriq spittin lyrics, no hook….priceless. Some folks say it was all written but freestyle has a certain cadence, a flow to it. You can tell when its off the top, and if you’ve ever heard track #4 on The Roots album Rising Down, ‘@ 15’, you won’t find it hard to believe this was spontaneous. By the way, some heads may not know Thought just dropped a solo joint Streams of Thought, Vol. 3.

Click play and the next 10 minutes will be very enjoyable. Even if you’ve heard it before you’ll notice a new lyric and be stunned after you hear it.

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