Diddy Was Right To Not Marry Kim Porter


Okay before you guys slam me for the title of this post hear me out.  Diddy and Kim Porter had a relationship that spanned decades.  During that time they had 3 children together and he became a father figure to Kim’s son Quincy.

He bounced back and forth between Kim and countless other women and had another child in 2007 by someone other than Kim.  They broke up eventually and continued to successfully co-parent and become one of the most loving blended families I’ve ever seen.  At least that’s how it appeared.


Unfortunately Kim passed a few months ago.  And while her passing came as a shock to everyone, Diddy appeared to take it the hardest.  Since then he’s paid homage to her via various social media platforms.  But it’s his most recent posts that have the internet buzzing.

He’s expressed how the loss has affected him along with his regret for not marrying her.  While I feel his pain, I think he made the right decision.  Based on his own words Kim was a good woman with a heart of gold.  There’s no question that he truly loved her.

However not marrying her was probably a good decision.  Diddy appears to enjoy the freedom and autonomy that comes with the single life.  Loving someone doesn’t always mean you should marry them.  I’m guessing he didn’t marry her because he didn’t want to be married.  I can’t think of a better reason to stay single.

Take it from someone who’s been married for 10 years.  Even with the right person,  this shit is hard.  It doesn’t matter how good the other person is, if you’re not ready to commit 100 percent you will most likely fuck up and hurt someone.  And in Diddy’s case he wasn’t always faithful.  So if he couldn’t be a faithful boyfriend, why should anyone expect him to be a faithful husband?

This is not intended to slam Diddy- I’m just saying.  A marriage license doesn’t change anything.  I mean this in the nicest way possible, but he probably did her a favor by not marrying her.  Again, I’m not shading Diddy.  He’s probably a great guy. But if he didn’t want to be married he probably wouldn’t have been a good husband.

I don’t fault him for not marrying her.  So for everyone on his Instagram and Twitter bashing him for not marrying her, perhaps we should just consider the harm he might have caused if he tied the knot out of a sense of obligation.

Death is final.  Mourning the loss of a loved one is never easy.  My prayer is that the good memories of her will lift the weight of guilt and regret on his heart.  He deserves that much.

That’s just my two cents.  Thoughts?


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