Common Gets Personal on ‘Let Love’ Album

Common Gets Personal on 'Let Love'

Common’s most recent album “Let Love” is about embracing love in all it’s forms. The album features A-Trak, BJ the Chicago Kid, Daniel Caesar, Jill Scott, Jonathan McReynolds, Leikeli47, Leon Bridges, and Samora Pinderhughes as well as Swizz Beatz.

Producers on the album include Burniss Earl Travis II, Samora Pinderhughes, Karriem Riggins, and J Dilla. This is probably his most personal project to date. The 47 year old MC drops jewels about love of self as well as romantic and famililial love.

Good Morning Love

The first track is produced by Burniss Traviss, Kareem Riggins and Samora Pinderhughes. On “Good Morning Love” Common reflects on his mistakes and growth as a black man in America. The track itself is jazzy, serene and just emits good vibes. Common’s lyrics on this song successfully portray his positive feelings of hope and continued evolution.

HER Love

The second track is produced by J Dilla and features Daniel Caesar. The production continues with the same vibe as the first track. A continuation of ” I Used To Love HER” , Common once again cleverly proclaims his love of hip hop. This time he celebrates the diversity in hip hop today:

You gave me a voice in the world

It’s been hard to choose another girl

They trip when you mumble

They trip when you sing

But you gave us a chance to dream

In Young Thugs you see a Future

You recognize Lil Uzi aint here to shoot ya

At 21 you knew I was savage

But you said Common you will never be average

It’s a Cole world, we need Jay

If you can dot com, you can dot K

You rock 2 Chainz keep your mind free

You see a Malcolm X in a YG

You told me I’m the Mane like Gucci

With a chance to rap and make movies

You gave Mills to the Meek

To inherit the earth

Before Me Too you said Ladies First

Things get Rocky you there ASAP

Rocky a verb you there to swerve

I want you to get the love you deserve….


This song features Swizz Beatz and is the first track on the album where Common actually flexes his skills. He’s no holds barred, so if you want that boom bap, skip to this one. You wont be dissapointed.

Fifth Story

“Fifth Story” weaves an interesting tale of infidelity and features Leikelie47. Common showcases his storytelling skills on this one, and Leikelie47’s hook and verse takes the story to another level. I really like this track.

She like damn damn like Kendrick from Compton’

Wondering if her man on some Tristan Thompson

Is it reality or in her conscience

Thats wild if he did it in they apartment

The nerve of this nigga

She gon have to swerve on this nigga

Put the clothes on the curb for this nigga

He even changed his shirt cuz this nigga

Must be into something…

Forever Your Love

“Forever Your Love” features BJ the Chicago Kid and is basically a love letter to his mother. An album about love wouldn’t be complete without an Ode to mothers. This track is one of the more personal tracks on the project. Bj the Chicago Kid’s hook is the perfect complement to Common’s lyrics.

This 11 track project is the companion to his book Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir. The other tracks are Leader, Memories of Home, Show Me That You Love, My Fancy Free Future Love, and God is Love.

All in all, ‘Let Love’ is a solid project. It’s not one of his best, but it serves it’s purpose. I liken this project to Jayz’s 4:44. It’s less about flexing his skills and more about just speaking on where he is mentally and emotionally; something that’s been missing in hip hop. Kudos to Common for being brave enough to be vulnerable. Let’s continue to support this man.

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