Bas Milky Way Tour Nashville


Last week I attended the Milky Way Tour at Exit Inn.  Prior to 2016 I wasn’t familiar with Bas.  He caught my attention when he did a feature on Ab-Soul’s Braille from the Do What Thou Wilt project.  After discovering that he’s signed to J. Cole I went to their website and found tour dates.  I also listened to his Milky Way , Too High To Riot and Last Winter albums.

When he came to my city I decided to check him out.  This guy has been around for a while, yet he’s still somewhat of an obscure artist.  What I don’t understand is why.  He’s dope.  And kind of different.  So I was happy to pull up and see the venue was packed.


The Milky Way Tour had three acts.  First guy up was Corey C from LA.  I wasn’t familiar with any of his work except for his feature on BAS’ song Pinball. I plan on keeping an eye out for this guy.


Next up was Innanet James.  He performed three or four songs, the most memorable being Bag from his album Keep It Clean I enjoyed his set, and it appeared that others did as well.


Rex Life Raj came next.  He was full of energy, and got the crowd hyped.  His performance of Long Way was probably the high point of his set, though the whole thing was lit.  Before we knew it, he was introducing the headliner.


I have to admit when Bas came out, lit was taken to another level.  I was pleasantly surprised to see all the kids knew his songs.  Apparently I was the only person in the venue that had slept on BAS.  He even integrated a little humor into his set by talking about his cool white neighbor “Peggy” with the mad hippie vibes.  He performed Fragrance, Too High To RiotBoca Raton, Purge and a few other joints.  He closed the show with TribeHere’s a clip from his set.



He also just released the visual for Purge.  You’re welcome.

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