Apollo Brown & Joel Ortiz

Apollo Brown and Joel Ortiz may not be a new or up and coming emcees, but they belong to a distinguished group of underrated artists.  They have collaborated with some of hip hop’s finest.  Apollo Brown’s first studio album was released in 2007 and he’s been putting in work ever since.  Joel Ortiz’s first major release also came in 2007.  The growth and evolution of both artists earn them their statuses as veterans in the game.  Their  most recent release Mona Lisa is 36 minutes of pure hip hop collaborations.  Tracks like Decisions and the title track are introspective and thought-provoking while Timberland Up proves to listeners that they can hold their own with the likes of Royce which is not easy to do.  But don’t take my word for it, listen down below:

Black Thought Throwback

I was on YouTube and came across this Hot 97 freestyle from 2017. This was voted best freestyle of the year. Black Thought kills it!!

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