Ab-Soul: TDUD?


The Emcee many of us know as Ab-Soul hit the scene in 2009 with the Long Term mix-tape.  His first project was a solid effort with stand out tracks like Lyrically Speaking, Regular NiggaA Day in the life, and Blow them Horns.  The first of the Trilogy, it showcased his lyrical agility, sense of humor and unique style.

The Carson California poet’s chronicle of his struggle as a middle class starving artist was gritty and light-hearted yet surprisingly authentic.  In an era rife with bling and bitches, Ab-Soul was a breath of fresh air.  He followed up with Long Term 2 which sounded like an extension of the former project.  The production was more sophisticated , his delivery was impeccable, and he appeared to be coming into his own as a recording artist.  In Long Term Mentality, the final project from the trilogy, he had solidified himself as an up and coming Emcee.  However, the TDE roster also included Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Rock and School Boy Q.  He expressed his confusion and frustration with being consistently overlooked on a track titled TDUD (Top Dawg Under Dawg).

Instead of taking shots at his friends and label mates, he simply posed the question “what about me?”.  By the end of the last track, fans were left feeling as if he embraced his status as the martyr of the TDE roster.  But his time finally came in 2012 when he released Control System.  His most critically acclaimed project to date, Control system was worth the wait.  The lyrics and production were on point, and even though he has enough talent and substance to hold his own, the project boasted quite few features.  Yet the fan favorites on Control System are the tracks with no features at all. Tracks like Soulo Ho3, Pineal Gland, Showing Love and Book of Soul further proved that Ab-Soul has the skill and verbal dexterity to stand alone. He followed that up with These Days in 2014 and Do What Thou Wilt in late 2016.  To many, it sounded as if he had lost his way.  Perhaps the trappings of moderate success were a distraction.  Or maybe the loss of his long time girlfriend Alori Joh set him back creatively. While his latter projects got pretty good reviews, they didn’t quite reach Control System status.  He was still the same lyrical genius, but the projects lacked the focus and cohesion of his earlier albums.  His fans are just as confused as he is.  Musically he seems to be in a state of uncertainty.  Does he want commercial success, or is he still focused on his core audience?  He’s just as dope as Kendrick, yet he doesn’t get the accolades.  We all want him to win, but there’s a sweet solace in being the underdog.  Underrated emcees  have the freedom to create without the pressure of writing a hit song.  They can play the background, plot their next moves and you’ll never see them coming.  What would it take to propel Soulo into the realm of super stardom, and do we really want him there?

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2 thoughts on “Ab-Soul: TDUD?

  1. I feel #ABSOUL is the rawest on TDE! His approach to Hip Hop is pure, just a “regular nigga”. . Hope he comes with some fire in 2019. 1 of the most underrated in the game.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree with you wholeheartedly. If you like what you’ve read so far please subscribe so you can be updated as we add new content.

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