5 Reasons Why You Need Styles P New Album

I’m a bit frustrated about many of my favorite MCs not getting the respect and accolades they deserve. Of course you have artists like Kendrick and Cole who rep the culture. But there are so many more who’s amazing work goes almost unnoticed. Here’s 5 reasons why you need Styles P new album:

He Poured His Heart And Soul Into This Project

Styles P New Album was released earlier this month to little fanfare. I didn’t see any media leading up to it’s release. If I didn’t follow him on Twitter, I would have missed it. But in pure Styles P fashion, he makes his Presence known.

‘Presence’ is the title of his new album. The 10 track LP has no fillers or skits. Just pure unfiltered hip hop that you can listen to from beginning to end. His flow is still among the best in the genre, and he continues to represent for hip hop veterans and fans alike.

The third track, Blood Sweat and Tears is one of my favorites. Second verse:

I could shed a tear i could shred a beer (I could)

I could dance on a track like I’m Fred Astair

Reflect on the past and forward to better years

settle my affairs with whoever, I bought the metal here

On a mission looking for God, you brought the devil here

I don’t like your energy homie it shouldn’t settle here…..

The Features Are Awesome

Styles P new album has feature appearances from Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, Chris Rivers, Iman and Cris Steez. The producers include Scram Jones, Shroom, Supa Stylez, Maestro, and Fortes. This project is well executed. Each MC holds his own though it’s clear they are simply guests on the album. If it seems like too many features for 10 tracks, don’t worry. There’s more than enough of Styles P to go around on this album.

He’s Kept It Authentic

So here’s the deal. Styles P is a veteran. And whether the industry believes it or not he is still relevant. But what I love about this album is that he didn’t jump on a trend to gain publicity or boost album sales. You won’t hear him bragging about his women or possessions. There’s no pill or tag popping. Just a grown man on his grown man shit.

You gotta give the man credit for staying true to himself and his fan base. But don’t confuse authentic with outdated. This album doesn’t sound like anything from the late 90’s or early 2000’s. But even if it did, it probably wouldn’t matter. Styles P music ages quite well. So if you listen to ‘Presence’ what you’ll hear is bars on top of bars with a little gunplay sprinkled in. But it’s not gratuitous at all. He’s merely warning listeners and fuck boys of the consequences of their actions.

Hip Hop Needs Him

While I’m tired of defending the genre to people who aren’t part of the culture, I do acknowledge the current state of hip hop is less than ideal. I barely know any of the rappers that get consistent radio play. Nor do I care to know them.

Here’s why: Most of what I hear lacks substance. There’s no creativity, and they all sound so similar I can’t tell one from the other. And many of them literally have no skills. I’m no hater, but my opinion is what it is. Lil this and Lil that just don’t hold my attention.

The fact that Styles P new album was released and only a few of my friends knew about it is also disheartening. He tweeted his new album was out and acknowledged the lack of media surrounding it’s release. That made me sad.

If you work in a field that you love, but feel underappreciated and poorly compensated you could probably relate to a lot of the doper MCs in the business. They don’t get their props. Instead, they do what they do because they love it while those only out to exploit the music get all the spoils.

Listening to endless dribble about abusing drugs, fucking multiple bitches, and cars that most people will never be able to afford is played out. Those things may still be hot to someone who hasn’t experienced life, but the average hip hop head will turn up their nose quicker than Whitley Gilbert at a swap meet. The only redeeming quality are the beats. That’s not enough for me.

The Shit Is Dope

This should go without saying. But maybe I should say it anyway. Styles P new album is dope. There. I said it. Now what are you going to do about it?

Every song on the album is good. My favorites are Blam Blam Blam, Blood Sweat & Tears, Golden, Either,Or and Roll Up. I told my husband to check it out, and he basically said Styles P is still shitting on a lot of these so-called MCs. But don’t take our word for it.

‘Presence’ is for the mature intelligent listener. And Styles P makes music for hip hop heads with discriminating taste.

If you follow my blog, it’s because you love hip hop. One of the best ways to preserve the genre is to support the artists who rep it well. Styles P is one of those artists. Go ahead and cop the album. You’ll thank me later.

In the meantime check out the visual for Brand New

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