5 Female DJs You Should Know

female DJ performing

Female DJ’s are not always as visible as their male counterparts, but it’s not due to a lack of dopeness. They tend to stay behind the scenes doing live shows, and radio appearances. But you rarely see them featured on hit records. So in the spirit of repping for the ladies, here are 5 female DJs you should know.

Dylan The Gypsy

Dylan Ali, better known as DJ Dylan the Gypsy is a DJ, actress, and model. Originally from DC, she started DJing while studying at NYU. According to an interview she did for Drome, she got advice from her DJ friends about the best software, and taught herself. From there she performed at house parties in Brooklyn and eventually hosted parties throughout the city under the name Pink Honey.

What I found interesting is her method of creating a mix. Instead of selecting tracks with a similar mood or vibe, she focuses on a theme. Then she selects tracks that fit. Her mixes have names like “Dick Appointment”, “Pussy Power”, and “She Means Business”. You get where I’m going.

Dylan is known for mixing songs and genres that aren’t normally associated with each other- which would probably be intuitive if your mixes are theme-based. I’m not sure how danceable her mixes are, but they’re definitely eclectic. Don’t’ believe me? Listen for yourself.

Brina Payne

Ok, some of you may already know Brina Payne. But for those who don’t, Brina Payne is a Chicago-born New York-based DJ. She’s played at various NYC venues and has also played for crowds internationally. Some of her major clients include Budweiser, United Way, and BET. She’s also lent her talents to private events for causes like Lupus and Autism.

Similar to Dylan Ali, it’s Brina Payne’s diverse taste in music that allows her to play for audiences around the world. She can effortlessly spin for the hip hop, r&b, or reggae audience. Or she can combine all three. It’s whatever feels good. Check out one of her mixes below.

DJ Sydney Love

Sydney Love got her start DJing by watching an old friend of hers spin 2-3 parties a night 4 nights a week. She’s a self-proclaimed music hoarder who decided to turn her love for creating playlists into DJing.

She did her research, found the best equipment she could afford, and received advice from a lot of OGs. But the thing that propelled her was befriending and being taught by DJ Scratch. How dope is that?

Originally from Miramar, Florida Sydney is also well known in the NYC club scene. Here’s one of her mixes:

DJ Dae

Sade’ Council, also known as DJ Dae is originally from Queens, NY. In an interview with Afropunk, she recalled being gifted a CD burner as a child. From there she started creating her own playlists, paying close attention to track order.

This continued in college until friends of hers encouraged her to pursue DJing. She still didn’t take it seriously until around 2014. But since then, she’s built an impressive resume. Just go to her website and you can see for yourself. But in the meantime, check out one of her sets:

DJ Carisma

I’m embarrassed to admit I never heard of DJ Carisma. But she’s been everywhere. She’s from Santa Ana, CA, and got her start on Power 106. She quickly rose to celebrity status and has made hits with Chris Brown, Torey Lanez, Def Loaf, and more.

Just last week Power 106 announced her return to radio. I actually heard a mix of hers on Sway In The Morning the other day, and it was dope. So if you’re not familiar with DJ Carisma, you’ll soon have the opportunity to hear her live on air. Until then, check out this mix.


In hip-hop, the DJ plays an important role. They’re the ones who get the party started and keep it going. They also produce hit records and break up and coming artists. So it’s only fair that I give yall a list of 5 female DJs you should know. I hope you enjoyed it.


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